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    My Brother and his Brother

    My Brother and his Brother

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    'My Brother and His Brother' is a novel about two brothers. The story is told by one of them, Jonas, an 18 year old boy.

    Throughout his teenage years he has been trying to get an image of Paul, the brother he never met, a brother who dies at the age of 16, the year before Jonas himself was born.

    The story is told like a crime story, with loose ends, clues and cliffhangers. in his search for his brother, Jonas soon finds out that Paul had an intense love affair with another boy during the last year of his life. The love affair is described in a few chapters in the middle of the novel.

    'My Brother and His Brother' received critical acclaim when it first appeared in Sweden and soon new editions followed as well as several translations. the novel has been published in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Germany, France and Italy.

    Product Code 9783867870856
    Binding Paperback
    Author Håkan Lindquist
    Published by Bruno Gmünder