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    Brave - Men and Fetish

    Brave - Men and Fetish

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    The popularity of anthologies like Hair, Turnon: Tattoos and Big Love during the last years proved the significance that the various fetishes have for the self-conception of the gay community.

    "In 'Brave - Men and Fetish' a variety of artists presents their individual ideas of the topic.  The different approaches in this book are all as unique as the fetishes themselves.  An impressive collection on 256 pages.

    As few have tried and most of them failed, it is exciting to see that Bruno Gmünder has now put together a comprehensive collection of photographic images by artist from across the globe.  Among them are such great pioneers of the genre as Jim Wigler, Jack Fritscher, Mark I. Chester and Rick Castro, who have all been leading the charge of the pictorial fetish revolution capturing the raw sexuality of gay men in a fearless and uncompromising way."   - Ulli Richter

    Product Code 9783867871709
    Media Format Book
    Binding Hardback
    Published by Bruno Gmünder